Press Release: City of Steamboat Springs Voters Vote No to Annex the Brown Ranch

Published On: March 26th, 2024Categories: Press Releases

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO. — City Clerk Julie Franklin announced that early results show that the Brown Ranch annexation question failed. YVHA’s Executive Director, Jason Peasley reacted to the vote with this statement.

“After the gift of $24 million to purchase the Brown Ranch, a robust community engagement effort, and the Brown Ranch Annexation Committee (BRAC) process culminating with the City Council vote to annex in October 2023, we’ve worked hard to deliver a plan that addresses the entire Steamboat Springs’ workforce housing need through 2040. We’re disappointed in the vote, but we’re not stopping our efforts to solve the affordable housing crisis in our community.

“During our community engagement process, we learned so many workers are barely hanging on and the Brown Ranch gave them hope for the future. They told us they were optimistic there was a plan to provide homes they could afford. My heart aches when I think of the people who told us the Brown Ranch would be their first legitimate opportunity to own a home, and they compared it to the good fortune so many others had over the past decades to buy a home. With this vote, that same opportunity for those community members is two to three years further out of reach.

Despite this loss, YVHA still owns the land, and our mission is to deliver affordable and attainable housing for our workforce. We will continue to work for the community and advance our mission to develop solutions to give our workforce the affordability and security they need to thrive.”