Our aspirations for the next five years are outlined in our vision statement:

The Yampa Valley Housing Authority maintains strong communities, has healthy financials, provides housing education, and is the affordable housing leader in the Steamboat Springs area. We advocate for affordable housing to be a top priority in our community and partner with the City, County, developers and other organizations to provide the resources necessary to bring new affordable housing to market.

Our goals are a guide for the next year to ensure we continue moving toward our long-term vision:

Goal One: To invest in our existing affordable housing communities–YVHA will maintain and invest in our existing affordable housing communities to ensure their long term success as safe affordable housing options for the community.

Goal Two: To expand our educational programs–YVHA will provide educational services to aid the community with housing-related needs.

Goal Three: To expand our marketing and online offerings–YVHA will develop and execute a comprehensive marketing plan to expand awareness of our services in the community.

Goal Four: To build partnerships with City, County, developers, other organizations and housing professionals –YVHA will develop partnerships to bring new affordable housing units to the market that will meet the needs of the community and provide revenue-generating assets for the organization.