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Mid Valley housing project won’t start until 2024; Units at Anglers 400 could be ready by end of year

January 27, 2023

The Yampa Valley Housing Authority’s Mid Valley project along U.S. Highway 40 in Steamboat Springs won’t start construction until 2024, as officials finalize the terms of the development deal.

While early plans called for 200 for-sale and rental units, housing authority Executive Director Jason Peasley said the mix of units at Mid Valley has continued to evolve. The current mix now includes 234 units — 150 for rent and 84 for sale.[…]

Geothermal system at Brown Ranch could cost twice as much up front, but might save residents big bucks over time

January 14, 2023

While a geothermal system would have roughly double the installation cost for the Yampa Valley Housing Authority’s Brown Ranch development than other options, it could save future residents as much as $195 million over 30 years.

Based on an analysis from the engineering firm Page Consultants, a community-wide geothermal system would cost nearly $48 million to install at Brown Ranch, compared to $24 million for an all-electric, air source heat pump system.[…]

Is a geothermal system right for the Brown Ranch?

December 20, 2022

On Thursday, Dec. 15, the Yampa Valley Housing Authority board opted to further investigate three options for heating homes at the Brown Ranch, with one of those options being a communitywide geothermal system.

The other two options were a baseline electric system with a natural gas backup and an all-electric system. Each requires more energy than geothermal, but would likely have cheaper costs upfront — though a geothermal system could have significant grant funding opportunities […]

Steamboat Council sets full 9% STR tax to start Jan. 1; exempts reservations made this year

November 17, 2022

In a vote that took place just before midnight on Tuesday, Nov. 15, Steamboat Springs City Council decided to assess the full 9% tax on short-term rentals that voters approved by a strong margin last week.

In a first reading of an ordinance implementing the tax, council decided it will start for all stays that are reserved on or after Jan. 1, but any reservations made before the end of the year would be exempt […]

Building Community: Separating myths from facts for the Brown Ranch project

November 3, 2022

There’s been a fair amount of misinformation circulating about the Brown Ranch, and I’d like to separate some of the myths from the facts.

Myth: No more than 10-20% of the homes will be “affordable.”

Fact: The entire Brown Ranch development will be affordable housing for the community. The first guiding principle the Steering Committee agreed on was “the Brown Ranch will provide affordable and attainable housing options for the Routt County workforce …” […]

Yampa Valley Housing Authority submits Brown Ranch annexation petition to Steamboat Springs

October 19, 2022

The Yampa Valley Housing Authority submitted a petition to annex the Brown Ranch into Steamboat Springs on Monday, Oct. 18, officially starting an expedited effort that could wrap up by this time next year.

The petition submitted to City Council has been expected after officials from the housing authority presented plans for the 536-acre development earlier this month. […]

First units at Brown Ranch expected by end of 2026

October 7, 2022

Construction at the Brown Ranch would start in 2026 with the first units coming at the end of that year and all 1,200 units planned for the first phase of development built by the middle of 2029, according to the development plan presented Thursday, Oct. 6.

When fully built out over the next 20 to 25 years, the plan shows the Brown Ranch will feature four neighborhoods, each with a variety of housing types ranging from single-family homes to large-scale apartment complexes […]

Plan for Brown Ranch hopes to inspire those trying to hang on in Steamboat

October 6, 2022

On Thursday, Oct. 6, the Yampa Valley Housing Authority will present what it has learned from its extensive work on purchasing and planning the Brown Ranch.

The presentation, offered at both 2 and 6 p.m. at the Strings Music Pavilion, should give the community the most complete view yet of what could be Steamboat’s best chance to address affordable housing […]

YVHA board approves first step toward annexation of Brown Ranch

September 22, 2022

Housing officials took the first step in the process to annex the Brown Ranch into the city limits of Steamboat Springs on Thursday, Sept. 22.

In a special meeting, the Yampa Valley Housing Authority Board approved sending a petition to city officials that would start the third attempt to extend the city limits westward since 2010 […]