YVHA Resident Testimonials

Whitehaven Mobile Home Park resident Jake Dombrowski stands outside his west Steamboat Springs home Aug. 26 2022

The Walker family’s journey and how Hillside Village Apartments gave them the stability and mobility they needed to raise their young son and save to buy their own home.

“When my partner and I received surprising news that we were expecting a baby, we were happy but really scared. We were living with multiple roommates, working in the service industry, and knew we would need a place of our own to bring our baby home to. We applied for government assistance programs, Medicaid and food stamps. We put ourselves on a waiting list for subsidized housing with YVHA. Our pregnancy was complicated and we were only able to maintain one income. We found ourselves incredibly lucky to get the call that we were able to move into a clean, warm, two bedroom apartment at Hillside Village Apartments. Only a few months later, we brought our son home. Living with subsidized rent allowed us to get ahead, finally! We were able to properly provide for our son, maintain jobs, and afford childcare. When our son was two years old, we no longer needed assistance programs, nor did we qualify for them anymore. We moved into a townhouse that we later purchased as our first home. Now, we own a house. We both work at the local hospital, and we do our best to give back to the community that we love and we feel incredibly grateful for the support and assistance we received in our time of need.” – Walker family, former YVHA Hillside Village Apartments residents

“From the time I was young, low-income housing has helped my family get through hard times, as well as many others I know. Once I became a single parent, it  was a safe haven for me to raise my child. I watched many families make income-based housing part of their story to move forward.

When times are tough, having  a roof over your head that you can afford is a game changer. My husband and I met while I was living in low-income housing. Together, we struggled to get our  feet on the ground financially. We have three kids, and my home was a place we could keep them safe while we figured out our next step. As we continued to move forward in our careers, low-income housing gave us the opportunity to find a way to say, “we can do this.”

When the opportunity finally came, with the support of YVHA, we found a new home to grow in. Now my husband owns the business he worked for, and I have been working at the same career for 10 years.  Looking back, low-income housing was what we needed to rebuild and become who we are today. It was a steppingstone when options were slim, and times were hard, and I can’t express enough how much it was needed and appreciated.

Sometimes, when you’re in the process of “figuring out life”, a  place to live that is affordable is all you need to feel like you can reach a goal of becoming a financially stable, better version of yourself.”
– YVHA former resident

Whitehaven Mobile Home Park resident Jake Dombrowski stands outside his west Steamboat Springs home Aug. 26 2022

Jake’s Story

“When I purchased my mobile home in 2019, I really thought I was making a great decision, even though I knew there was always a very small chance that the land could be sold from under us. After 2020 and COVID hit, you saw the prices skyrocket for homes in the Yampa Valley and I started getting concerned. Getting that first notification that Whitehaven was up for sale was an absolute gut punch! The people who wanted to purchase the park could have said whatever they wanted, but I ultimately knew if they were able to purchase the park, we would all eventually be kicked out and unable to move our homes anywhere.

Those first two months were so stressful for me, thinking I could very well lose my house. Taking the lead for the homeowners was also stressful, but thanks to the Housing Authority it made everything much easier on me.

Knowing that the Housing Authority had already been successful with the Fish Creek  mobile home park, it gave me the confidence that we could somehow figure the whole thing out. Obviously, the private donations were crucial and we couldn’t  be more thankful and happy to receive those. I think a key to getting those donations was the help of the Yampa Valley Housing Authority, the Yampa Valley Community Foundation, and  getting the news out in the Steamboat Today paper.

I can’t thank all the people that helped save our homes enough, it was a true blessing to have the help we did!!”

Whitehaven Mobile Home Park resident Jake Dombrowski stands outside his west Steamboat Springs home Aug. 26 2022